Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crescendo. Hora de guardar o moises

Noite passada Alexandra dormiu pela última vez no Moisés. 
Ela já está grandinha e fica muito apertada nele. 
Hj então armamos o pack'n'play lá em cima. 
Já cresceu 10cm desde q nasceu, já perdeu roupinhas. 
Dia 16 ela segurou a cabecinha pela primeira vez. 
É impressionante como nascemos sem saber ou entender nada e vamos crescendo e aprendendo e nos tornemos pessoas cultas, cheias de conhecimento e produtoras de conhecimento. 
O q será q vai na cabecinha de um bebê desse tamanhinho?
Será q lembra da vida antes do nascimento?
O q será q já entende a essa altura? Ela sorri. Porque? Está feliz? Acha engraçado? Está descobrindo algo?
Ela sonha e tem pesadelos. 
Ela sorri para todo mundo é quase nunca pra mim. Eu sou só a mulher dos peitos. 
Na maternidade, la pro terceiro dia de nascida, ela olhou pra mim pela primeira vez. Isso depois de ter mamado muitas vezes. Olhou pra mim com aquela carinha surpresa como se pensasse "meu deus! Os peitos tem cara tb!"

É reclamona. Hj em dia não reclama tanto. Mas reclamava. Geniosa. Se isso for indicativo de personalidade, estamos lenhados. 

Odiava a cadeirinha. Hj já nem tanto. 
Mas na primeira vez q voltou do médico veio reclamando, de forma rítmica. Qdo chegou na rua de casa abriu o berreiro. Para uma menina q não chora nunca, foi um acontecimento. 

Não chora quase.  Chorou de verdade pela primeira vez Qdo fez 2 meses. Um choro de absoluto desespero como eu nunca vi. Chorou por causa da vacina. 
Com a vacina ela gritou e choramingou. 
Mas horas depois, Qdo eu voltei do dentista para encontrar ela e a família na ocean state, ela estava aos berros. 
Fomos pra casa (depois de passar no médico para perguntar o q eu já devia saber se tivesse lido o papel q me deram) e colocamos a neném numa banheira quente. Foi Qdo se acalmou um pouco. Tomou tilenol nesse dia tb. E dois dias depois estava enjoada e rouquinha. 

Já há umas três semanas ela faz uns sonzinhos tipo conversa. 

Dormiu no bercinho pela primeira vez no dia q Jonathan (meu ex-diretor) veio trazer o colchão dela. 
Mas ainda não passa a noite lá. 

Faz tanta força pra fazer cocô. E dá um sorrisinho. 

Hj viu neve pela primeira vez. Tirou fotos e mais fotos. 

Ontem viajou para a Ikea em new haven. 
Estava feliz e realizada no carrinho q ficava meio sentada. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

More funny little things - car seat included

Funny things about Alexandra:

She makes these weird grunting sounds. My mom nicknamed her "little truck up a hill". I make fun of her by making sounds like Paul from The Hillbilly Bears. 

She gets startled at random household noises and throws her hands up in the air. "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes."

She's got bicolor eyelashes. Half dark and half blond. 

Can you imagine me with a blond daughter? 
Me - the blond joke teller. She'll have to get used to it. I'll buy her a red hair wig and tell her it's her smart hat. LOL. 

When she's nursing she starts complaining if I talk to anyone else but her. She waved her arms in a funny rhythm. 

And after she's done nursing she throws her head back as if she's drunk.  

She squeals when she gets really angry or frustrated. 

And she hiccups every single day. Several times a day. I feel bad for her, but it's funny. I mock her. Every Time she gets worked up or cold she gets hiccups. Before she was born she got hiccups whenever I got upset. 

Her first time out. on the way back, she'd had it with little car seat, and grunted the whole way home. Rhythmically. When she was about 5 minutes from home she started crying bloody murder.

Friday, December 4, 2015

First smiles

Alexandra is just too funny. 
We've been making videos of her funny sounds and attitude. 
So far I got grunts, squeals and happy sighs. 
Is she really speaking her mind when she pulls on my boob and sounds like she's lecturing it?
I haven't been able to catch her interrupted sneezes on film. 

Last week the doctor asked me if she was smiling. Oh, yeah, since birth. However just this past Monday  - nov 30, she opened a big smile to my mom.  Then again on tuesday. Then to dean on Thursday.  As for me, no smiles. I'm just the boob lady. 

She's outgrowing her clothes already. I can't help but think that in a blink of an eye she'll be all grown up. Right now we are building her past, a past she will never remember. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

a couple of firsts for a an opinionated little girl

Alexandra is very opinionated and she makes a point of letting you know she's not happy about something. 
She grunts. She grunts and grunts. 
I already wrote about how she grunted her way from tummy to back last week. 
She doesn't appreciate staying on one position for too long. She's also very strong. She'll be sitting in a couple of weeks. 
Last night, November 17, she was not happy being on her tummy, so she was holding herself up with her arms and lifting her head. I thought babies were supposed to take months to do that. 
But then she also thinks it's okay to move my boob around with her mouth. Grunting. And if I pull her too close she pushes me. 
Mom calls her little truck going uphill. I just mock her. 
Meanwhile she grunts everytime things aren't going her way. 

I just make fun of her. Just like I make fun of her wobble  head. But as of last night, she's started holding her head. Wobble head won't last long. 

Dean and I are in so much trouble if she keeps this pattern of grunting and wining and doing things her way. 

Last night while nursing she grunted and moved her arms as if giving out a speech. I was wondering if she was angry bc I didn't have a lot of milk or what the hell she was doing. Maybe she's not happy when I talk. 

Moving away from Alexandra to Dean. He scared the crap out of me yesterday. He made a darth Vader voice in the baby monitor. 
We are all in the living room. Baby piece and parent piece on the kitchen counter. He turns both pieces on so they make that awful microphonia noise and starts darth Vader. 
I freaked out - really. I had no idea what to think. Not the foggiest idea!!!!  ... Until I saw him laughing. That freak!!!! 

If Alexandra learns quickly, between the 3 of us, Dean , Alexandra and I, we will drive each other insane. We will make an evil bunch. 

I know she took after me on a few things. She's a whiner like me. And squealer. What else will she take from me?
Oh she lives to eat. I guess that's normal for her age. But she wants to eat everytime she knows I'm around. She's just like me. I see food or smell food - I want to eat food. 

Last Friday I gave her her second bath. She acted confused. As if wondering - what now?!

Cloth diapering has been going well. Between that and breastfeeding we are saving so much money!!!
I hope Alexandra gets that from us. We are not cheap - we are frugal. ... Well, sometimes I am cheap. I used to be much worse. I've learned a few things. There are things that are worth the money. Others aren't. Live and learn. I'm still the numbers girl. Dean chooses what to spend money on and I tell him wether we can afford it or not. 

A couple of firsts last Sunday. First trip to Yankee candle and first time following someone with her eyes. My mom. 

It must be pretty incredible to figure out that you can focus on things with your eyes. Being a baby is quite an adventure. 

We went out towards Yankee Candle to buy my moms car and also took a trip to Sakura. Alexandra's first trip to a Japanese restaurant. 

Oh, last Sunday we also discovered that she has already outgrown one of her first outfits which was in her going out bag. So bittersweet. And we are still trying to learn how to leave the house on time. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Funny little things she does

Is it bad that I laugh at everything Alexandra does? She grunts. A lot. All the time. When she doesn't like something she grunts. When she is trying to do something she grunts too. 
Three days ago, November 9, I tried to get her out of her crib while she was asleep. She grunted. 
That same night she was on the couch laying on her back. Well, she decided she wasn't going to be on her back anymore and grunted her way to her tummy. First she got 
When she doesn't like the way I'm holding her on my boobs she grunts while adjusting her head - and pulling my nipple along. 
When she tries to poop is the same thing. Well, first she gives a quick smile. Then she starts. Grunts and makes faces and contracts her whole body until you hear that pooping noise. Then she smiles again, victoriously. 

Last night she was on her Moses, grunting and talking along, as if she was too busy trying to do something. Then all of a sudden I heard a EY! as if she had finally achieved her goal. I have no idea what that was about. I was so curious to see it. Regardless, I just cracked up in bed wondering what had led her to that scream. 

Another funny thing is her smiling in her dream. I just got a video of that. She also talks in her sleep. Any guesses as to which side of the family she got that from?

Another funny thing about her is how she gets startled at random sounds. A loud thump of something falling won't bother her, but a loud kiss will. Or a sniffle. Or paper crinkling. Or anything random. Or a sound that previously hadn't startled her. She twitches and winces or just raises her arm in a surrendering motion. We got a video of that

She hiccups a lot. That's not funny. I feel really bad for her when she is hiccuping. It happens when she's cold or anxious. Yes, I do think little babies get anxious. 

In my tummy she did hiccup a lot when I was anxious or upset. Needless to say a lot of her hiccups were bc of Jonathan and his leaving WHS. I think saying I was upset about J's leaving is an understatement. But hearing people say things and not knowing what to think about them was the worst. I wanted to go home and cry. I actually did. I cried at night after Dean was asleep bc I didn't want to make him upset. He already knew I wasn't taking J's leaving easily. He knew I was apprehensive about going back to work to a new principal while not knowing why the guy who hired me (and whom I trusted) up and left. Dean knew I was still upset even after having met the new guy. But there was nothing he could do to help me other than hold me while I cried. So he didn't have to know people's comments were getting to me. There was nothing he could do about it. It would only make him miserable for not being able to help me. And it was enough that just one of us was miserable. But Blobby knew it - and she got the hiccups while I cried in my pillow.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

kitty freaked out - Alexandra's first bad day

Kitty is still freaked out, scared out of her mind. LOL. I'm enjoying this. She doesn't sleep in our room any more. 

As for Alexandra, I'd been raving to all my friends about her sleeping through the night and never crying. Well, when I said this was going to be easy, Jonathan, a friend of mine, said "famous last words". Was he right? Last night this Blobby was up all night nursing. 

We did indeed mess up her schedule yesterday. Doctor's at 4, then we made a couple of trips to the store and a stop at Applebee's. 

That's what happens when you live out in the middle of nowhere. 

It was raining cats and dogs. We kept her covered and decided to look for a rain cover for her car seat. 

This morning as I did my hair I remembered that last time I was in the bathroom doing my hair I was also timing my contractions. 

After I posted our first family pic on Facebook, some people were impressed with the fact I did my hair and make up at the hospital. Well, yes on the make up. But hair was done while in labor timing contractions. Of course!!! I skipped picture day at school (both official and makeup days) bc my hair was looking ugly, does anyone think I'd go give birth with an undone hair?

I still don't know if skipping picture day was a bad thing. No one came yelling at me yet. 

Friday, October 23, 2015


I'm finally getting around to write about baby.  
I was really hoping not to have a c-section, bc I'm terrified of the idea of surgery. But it is what it is. I just wish I had known I'd need a c-section by the 21st, so I would have scheduled it for that date. 

I had my mind set on the regular vaginal birth. My mom always told me me it was so much easier than what people make it up to be. 

I'm telling you - labor is the worst experience I've ever had. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. My mom is definitely a lucky exception of her labor was as easy as she says. 

I didn't just break down and cry bc I was too busy trying not to pass out. 

I'm not sure how I'd rate the actual giving birth, bc then they did the c-section. The surgery is a no brainer. Easy peasy. The recovery is the evil part. Who in their sane mind says that recovery from any surgery is a good thing?

When the doc told me I'd have to have a c section I was in so much pain that if she had said she had to teleport me to the moon I'd be saying "yup! Do it. And do it fast!"

Not that I was happy about it. The rational side of my mind was going like "Are you kidding me?!" But The side that was in excruciating pain just wanted that whole ordeal to be over. 

And I had only been in labor for 8 hours. I can't even imagine people that labor for 10, 20+ hours. 

On Saturday, talking to the doctor about my fears of surgery, he explained it was not the surgery, but the fact that the surgery had been laparoscopic that gave me the awful gas pain I dreaded. 

Well, it turned out the one thing I hate about abdominal surgery is the fact that I can't crack a joke. It hurts like crazy!!!!

And I can't go for more than 30 min without cracking a joke.  Everything I see, everything I hear, I have to turn into a joke. Like Saturday evening I went for a walk in the hallway Dean, and everywhere I looked there was something I could make a funny comment about. 

It hurts so bad!!! I start laughing like an idiot and next thing you know I'm crying. 

No one realizes how much of our body is involved in laughing until one of those parts are cut open and stitched. 


At the hospital, people  who came in to check on the baby kept calling her a he. Every so often we do the same thing. Poor girl! We spent 9 months thinking Blobby was going to be Baby Max. And behold, all this time Blobbly was actually Alexandra. 

Well, maybe the second time around we will make boy. 

After all, I want someone I can tell the story of That name to. 

It turns out hospital food is not as bad as people say. But some of the staff is just ... Rude. I wasn't too happy with some of the nurses and doctors. Others will talk to you like you're a friend, or at least be kind. The nurse and the doctor that came to see me on Monday were two people I didn't care to see again. The nurse was just rude on every aspect of everything. She could care less about me. And the doctor wasn't really trying to answer my Qs, just tell me what he thought about waiting to have child 2. 

Nursing started out well, it got a little hard on days 2-4. Day 6 and it's back to easy peasy again. Alexandra is really good at it. 

Now I just want to be back to my old body. 

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