Friday, October 23, 2015


I'm finally getting around to write about baby.  
I was really hoping not to have a c-section, bc I'm terrified of the idea of surgery. But it is what it is. I just wish I had known I'd need a c-section by the 21st, so I would have scheduled it for that date. 

I had my mind set on the regular vaginal birth. My mom always told me me it was so much easier than what people make it up to be. 

I'm telling you - labor is the worst experience I've ever had. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. My mom is definitely a lucky exception of her labor was as easy as she says. 

I didn't just break down and cry bc I was too busy trying not to pass out. 

I'm not sure how I'd rate the actual giving birth, bc then they did the c-section. The surgery is a no brainer. Easy peasy. The recovery is the evil part. Who in their sane mind says that recovery from any surgery is a good thing?

When the doc told me I'd have to have a c section I was in so much pain that if she had said she had to teleport me to the moon I'd be saying "yup! Do it. And do it fast!"

Not that I was happy about it. The rational side of my mind was going like "Are you kidding me?!" But The side that was in excruciating pain just wanted that whole ordeal to be over. 

And I had only been in labor for 8 hours. I can't even imagine people that labor for 10, 20+ hours. 

On Saturday, talking to the doctor about my fears of surgery, he explained it was not the surgery, but the fact that the surgery had been laparoscopic that gave me the awful gas pain I dreaded. 

Well, it turned out the one thing I hate about abdominal surgery is the fact that I can't crack a joke. It hurts like crazy!!!!

And I can't go for more than 30 min without cracking a joke.  Everything I see, everything I hear, I have to turn into a joke. Like Saturday evening I went for a walk in the hallway Dean, and everywhere I looked there was something I could make a funny comment about. 

It hurts so bad!!! I start laughing like an idiot and next thing you know I'm crying. 

No one realizes how much of our body is involved in laughing until one of those parts are cut open and stitched. 


At the hospital, people  who came in to check on the baby kept calling her a he. Every so often we do the same thing. Poor girl! We spent 9 months thinking Blobby was going to be Baby Max. And behold, all this time Blobbly was actually Alexandra. 

Well, maybe the second time around we will make boy. 

After all, I want someone I can tell the story of That name to. 

It turns out hospital food is not as bad as people say. But some of the staff is just ... Rude. I wasn't too happy with some of the nurses and doctors. Others will talk to you like you're a friend, or at least be kind. The nurse and the doctor that came to see me on Monday were two people I didn't care to see again. The nurse was just rude on every aspect of everything. She could care less about me. And the doctor wasn't really trying to answer my Qs, just tell me what he thought about waiting to have child 2. 

Nursing started out well, it got a little hard on days 2-4. Day 6 and it's back to easy peasy again. Alexandra is really good at it. 

Now I just want to be back to my old body. 

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