Thursday, October 29, 2015

kitty freaked out - Alexandra's first bad day

Kitty is still freaked out, scared out of her mind. LOL. I'm enjoying this. She doesn't sleep in our room any more. 

As for Alexandra, I'd been raving to all my friends about her sleeping through the night and never crying. Well, when I said this was going to be easy, Jonathan, a friend of mine, said "famous last words". Was he right? Last night this Blobby was up all night nursing. 

We did indeed mess up her schedule yesterday. Doctor's at 4, then we made a couple of trips to the store and a stop at Applebee's. 

That's what happens when you live out in the middle of nowhere. 

It was raining cats and dogs. We kept her covered and decided to look for a rain cover for her car seat. 

This morning as I did my hair I remembered that last time I was in the bathroom doing my hair I was also timing my contractions. 

After I posted our first family pic on Facebook, some people were impressed with the fact I did my hair and make up at the hospital. Well, yes on the make up. But hair was done while in labor timing contractions. Of course!!! I skipped picture day at school (both official and makeup days) bc my hair was looking ugly, does anyone think I'd go give birth with an undone hair?

I still don't know if skipping picture day was a bad thing. No one came yelling at me yet. 

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