Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Too fast. 12-28-16

It went by
Everyone told me - don't blink.
I did try. I tried to savor every minute. I actually got mad at Dean when he didn't seem to be doing that.
We took pictures, tried to pay attention to every second of every day to make sure we knew the next new thing about her.

But it went by way too fast.

She's a toddler. And I don't like her any less - I still find it amazing to watch her and It upsets me when I don't get to spend time with her - but I miss baby Alexandra. As much as the idea of not being able to travel somewhere new and exciting upset me when I thought of having a baby, this might have been one of the most exciting journeys yet: watching Alexandra go from a tiny sucker and pooper to a curious and captivating little toddler. Her first year of life might have been one of the most exciting years of my life. I wish I had been better about writing things down.

Valeria 3 12-28-16

At around 3 weeks she actually began opening her eyes and spending some time awake and alert.

At around 4 to 5 weeks she began holding her head up when not trying to find food.

At her 1 mo checkup she was still smaller than Alexandra was at birth. But heavier.
Alley      at birth 21in and 7lb 3oz
Valley at 1 mo 20.5in and 8lb 6oz

Still very much a crier, but only wakes up once at night to nurse - at around midnight.

My babies probably know that night feedings are not worth it since I don't stay up long enough to feed them properly.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Valeria 2 - 12-11-16

She has a dimple. At least one kid in this family has some of my genes. 
She doesn't smile as much as Alexandra did. Lots of ugly faces. A few smiles. Tiny eyes. 
She sleeps a lot. 
She takes her time nursing and is very gentle. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lennon 12-09-16

This morning Alexandra saw my Beatles mug and started pointing to J. Lennon's face and saying "Dadda!"

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Valéria 1 - 12/08/16

At 2 weeks Valéria finally opened her eyes and kept them open when she was not looking for food. 

Monday, December 5, 2016


Alexandra still drinks from a nursing bottle sometimes. She's now back to drinking breast milk. And she likes it. 
She also understands that she needs to angle the bottle when she's not getting anything. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lil sister et al.

She's mesmerized by her little sister. Bebé. Nonononono. 

She wants to touch her and carry her and pat her. 

She also wants to crawl into hers sisters bassinet and Moses. 

She says bé for ball, she does high fives, and kicks a soccer ball. She came up with her own sign for tooth brushing. She can ask for more and for food in sign language. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct 5, 2016

Two nights ago, Alexandra was quite miserable. She cried all night from midnight to 6 am when she finally fell asleep. We are guessing it's the two new bottom teeth cutting through. Last night she slept well, but today she was still annoyed during the day. 

She's such a sweet little thing. 

She's not very cuddly. If she is, something is wrong. She falls and bumps her head. So she cries for about 30 seconds while you hold her with all the TLC you can muster. Then she's all set. And she has no idea why you're still holding her. 

She's been getting better at dancing and following along with the clapping patterns of little Einsteins. 

Her dancing moves are more sophisticated. Also, expects you to repeat her moves. 

She has been pulling the shy girl thing now. She goes to people and smiles at them. But when they address her, she runs and hides under my legs. 

At church I never really know where she is. This Sunday she was around the big kids who were playing catch. It won't be long and she'll be running after them. 

And she likes to climb. She's climbed the hearth, the coffee table and as many stairs as she can find. 

She loves this game of teasing dad and running back to mom. 

She loves to walk, but still loses her balance. 

She's learning to listen to books. But we don't read enough. 

We bought a robot vacuum we call Rosie. She's scared of Rosie and does a tiny run to me when Rosie moves away. 

She's been getting a little better at feeding herself, but still makes more of a mess than actual eating. 

She's doing a lot of blabbering that sounds like talking. 

1 year old

Yup. She waves, she eats by herself - makes a huge mess unless we hand her the food - and just this week she started blowing kisses and asking for more in sign language. 

Just recently she had the worst rash ever, which is still bothering her. It was sad to see her trying to sit in the bathtub and crying in pain bc she couldn't handle it. 

I think it was my fault. I fed her some of my fruit salad which was swimming in orange and pineapple juice. 

She points at things she wants. She craves going out and she loves hanging out with her grandma. 

She's good with the sippy cup. And she now drinks cow's milk. 

Just before she turned a year old she fell headfirst on the stone fireplace and that was the scariest thing that happened to her so far. Her forehead turned purple and she cried bloody murder. Scarier than all the times she fell off the bed or couch before (about 4... Enough for her to learn to be careful ... I mean...)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

At 10 months

In the past two weeks Alexandra has done a lot! 
She has started to actually point at things instead of stretching her arm in the general direction of something. Dean will sure miss that little arm going towards the upstairs. 
She's still a huge flirt, smiling and waving at everyone, but has now developed the shy thing, running back to grab our legs when people try to approach her. 
She's gone into the water for the first time at her grandparents' house and had a blast. She was a natural from the very first second. She swallows water but is not afraid of going under. 
She's calling the kitty qua-qua. And she uses the word dadda, but not sure yet it's only for dad. 
She's getting bolder with her walk. Epic falls, but they don't bother her. She keeps going. 
First little steps came a week shy of 9 months, so technically she began walking at 8 months - with 2-3 steps at a time. 

She was sick for the first time at 6 months. It was a nasty rash, conjunctivitis, ear infection... High fever and vomiting. Scary. Poor baby.  

She's a little trooper. Yesterday we took her to the gran-Val scoop for the first time. She wanted nothing to do with the ice cream. She wanted to walk. When she came to a step - off the picnic area onto the mulch ground, she decided it was time to try going down. The fall was phenomenal. She just got up and kept on walking. 

I bought her a little baby leash. I know I always said that was dreadful thing, but I am too scared of child abduction. She's a pretty baby and I've seen scary videos on line. I want her to able to walk at the store, so she's on a leash for my peace of mind. 

She's also developing her very strong personality and has trouble not getting her way. She pulls my hand off the places I tell her not to get in. 

Dean and I are trying to get her to listen to no. Which led to the most heart breaking situation so far. Never have I felt so evil in my life as a mom. 

She took off the lid of the glass candy jar and we kept telling her "put it back". Well, she didn't know how to and just kept the lid pointed toward us until she began crying. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Kitty - cocó

Ela chama Kitty de Cocó

New horizons with walking

In the past couple of days Alexandra has learned to get up on her own, squat down to pick up something from the floor and get back up. 
Now all she wants to do is walk. 
Yesterday we took a trip to Plymouth. She had lobster and shrimp and all went well. We also bought a little turkey for Blobby II. 
Dean says she can now do real claps, which she enjoys very much. 
She can also see us in the car mirror, which makes for a less boring drive, but boring nonetheless. The trip to Plymouth was too long for her. How do we break this down into manageable parts?
It was supposed to be a day at the beach, but it wasn't. It was too hot and we did not find the beach. So Alexandra didn't get to try salty water. Maybe on Labor Day?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

From crawling to walking

So she crawled for about 2.5 months before she started cruising on 2 feet. Mid May to early August. 

Going shopping

She loves grabbing stuff while we go shopping. As long as that doesn't come with "buy this?" Followed by any kind of tantrum, I'm fine with it. 

Tongue, mirror and vacuum.

Her new thing is showing her tongue. She likes to do it in the mirror. She also likes to brush her teeth in the mirror. 
Btw, she has fallen asleep twice in my back while I vacuumed the house. Good lullaby song. 
Sometimes she's scared of it. 

Hand in potty

So Alexandra came with me to the bathroom. I read somewhere it helps to potty train of your child sees you using the potty, so I bring her in with me when I can. 
Well, she was more interested in the toilet than in my use of it. She wants to touch it (which is why I wash it often, but also keep the bathroom closed or gated).
So there she came. 
"Ooh!" Touch. 
 "Ooh!" Touch again. 
And me trying to keep her hands off of it. 
Eventually I had to get up and wipe myself. Alexandra wasted no time. 
"Ooh!" Hand in the toilet before I could say "no!"

Bunch of firsts

First Popsicle- August 4
Pooped in the potty - August 5 (accidentally)
Slept in own bed - August 6
Walking several steps (more than 5) without stopping- August 5
Turning around - August 10
Walking a couple of steps (2-3) - July 16 at 8 mo (a week short of 9 months)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The loft - August 2

Yesterday mom and I turned the loft into a play/study room for babies and mommy time. It's looks beautiful and incredibly easy to keep clean and tidy. 

August 2

Sunday Alexandra discovered herself in the mirror of the car. 
Sunday before that she started waving the right direction. 
Yesterday the little walker we bought her arrived. She was so excited!!! 
Yesterday I slapped her hand enough that she felt the hurt. Didn't like it. Me neither, but she was getting into dangerous stuff. 
Yesterday she bit me so hard I screamed and then she didn't want to pick the boob again. I felt really bad. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Waving and walking part 2

For two weeks now she's fixed her waving and loves waving at people. She has given full five steps on her own - with breaks. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A few things about baby Alexandra

HAt six mo she danced to music and really enjoyed when mommy played the guitar. She also pulled herself up. 
At 8 mo she moved herself more and more confidently from p o furniture to p o furniture. She doesn't mind falling, even the most epic falls. 
When she gets tired however, any little fall is a reason for a melt down. 
9 mo and she has tried a couple of steps on her own. 
She freaks out when she sees food and expects to be fed - immediately!
She's still a major flirt - has been since 3 mo. 
She loves to clap!
She also enjoys digging through her toy box. As a matter of fact she enjoys digging through everything, especially daddy's CDs. 
She finds any little microscopic object on the floor and immediately puts it in her mouth. 
She understands the commands "no" and "sit down" and for while now she recognizes the sign for milk. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dances To music and other little notes

At 8 mo Alexandra dances to any music but she gets especially excited by her favorite songs on TV. They are the song from little Einstein's, the theme song from NCIS, and theme song from my current favorite Novela,eta mundo bom.

She also likes to cuddle – well, sometimes. 

She's a social butterfly, for a good 4-5 months now she's been enchanting everybody with her beautiful full-fledged smiles. 

She thinks she can talk. Gone are the days in which she just moved about going dada, tata, or mama. Now she blabbers full sentences made up of what to us sound like absolutely random syllables. 

Walking and crawling

Alexandra has been walking by holding on to your arms or to objects for the past week. 
If she wants to follow in her dad's footsteps she's got exactly six days to start waking on her own. 
She's been crawling for a good three weeks or so though. She crawls fast. 


She just started waving this weekend. It's funny. Hard to tell if she's waving or asking you to come closer. A few weeks ago she started doing the same wrist motion holding objects up. She also used to hold her hand close to her chest and swing her wrist back and forth. This weekend she actually started waving at you. 


I already miss the toothless smile that only lasted till April 2016. 
At around mid April her front 2 bottom teeth broke through. Then in June the top front 2 came out. Now, mid July here comes another set of two. They're called lateral incisors and are right next to the top front ones. 
I remember when I met the boys of a friend of mine, his eldest son mentioned a wiggly tooth. My baby wasn't even 2 mo yet and I remember thinking, I'll blink and she'll have a full set and one of them will be wiggly as well. Well, the path to the full set is already being tread. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016


She's learning to wave. It's very cute. 
It's been a couple of weeks that she's been waving (sort of) at herself on the mirror. But only very recently sge has been copying Dean and also waving on her own. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Salmon and tacos

Saturday she tried homemade tacos. And yesterday at IKEA she had part of my salmon dinner.

Teeth. More teeth.

Looks like a fifth tooth is wanting to cut through. 
I think we noticed the third one about a month ago. Or by her 8th month birthday. 
The fourth at around 4th of July. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Up to no good

We were out gardening. Monitor was on. I thought monitor was to quiet. So I came inside. She was under your computer desk, eating paper. She had already broken my lamp, got down off the bed, turned light and fan on, and was then having a snack under your computer. God knows how much paper she's eaten today. All of this in absolute silence.

Suck, pee and poop

Since yesterday she's been working on the mama sounds like a pro. 
It's so amazing watching Alexandra develop. It's crazy to think when brought her home all she did was suck, pee and poop. 
I would never had thought it could be this much fun.
I'm enjoying every second of it. It just amazes me how curious she is. Are all babies like this? She touches everything. And everything she can grab goes in her mouth.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Holding a bottle.

Just about a month ago she couldn't figure out how to hold a bottle. 
Now I'm here holding her while drinks from her bottle and pushes my hand away when I try to help. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Since last Sunday Alexandra has been staying up all by herself. Of course she can only do it for a few seconds. But still. 

She has been enjoying being walked by us and yesterday she pushed her walker through the kitchen. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

food and allergies

Alexandra's dr says we're supposed to feed her everything we can - including peanut butter - to avoid developing allergies. 

So she eats what we eat (puréed, or mashed, of course), at home or at the restaurant. 

We even gave her peanut butter a few times. Even though I hate peanut butter. 

She likes everything!!! She makes funny noises when she eats.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

books are friends

Our goal for now is to teach our baby that books are friends not food. 


Alexandra has started some consonant sounds. 
Last week : t and d
Last Saturday: n 
Yesterday : b and m
She's excited. 

drying out

I wish someone had told me that when you get pregnant your milk dries out. I'd have been more careful. It's truly despairing watching your baby crying at your breast bc she can't get any milk. I feel like a jerk. I did this to her. Not only did I take away her place as the family baby, I also dried up her precious milk. My poor baby. Never did anything to deserve that. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

fully mobile

Alexandra is fully mobile. She got the crawling thing down to a science now and everything above her head is something to grab on to and pull herself up. The funniest thing is... She screams while she tries something new. Out of frustration for not getting it as easily as she probably imagined it would be. I can't help it. I have to laugh. She's hysterical. I hope I'm not spoiling her by laughing instead of correcting her. But it's just too funny. Everything she does is funny. Am I a bad parent? I'm afraid I'm raising a little monster just because I'm amused by her quirkiness.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

first 2 teeth

On April 20 we found her first tooth. Bottom right. On May 13 we found the second. Bottom left. 
Since Mother's Day she's been doing a lot of standing up and moving from side to side as long as she can grab on to things. 
She's busy all right. And very proud of herself.
She's also been very fussy. I wonder whether it's her teeth or that cold that she has going on.
I'm glad we put the gate up in our bedroom.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

up in crib

Today mom put Alexandra down for a nap in her crib and the little freak stood up. Trouble. 

I'm not sure if I wrote this here, but on May 1 she opened my supplies drawer. We bought drawer locks. 

The funniest thing wasn't the opening and exploration of the drawer, but her realization that she couldn't close it. And now her legs were stuck under it. Her face of "help me, mom" was priceless. What did I do? Help my baby? No. Took a picture of it!

I'm evil... 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

stand up, baby

On Sunday she pulled herself up by holding on to the bed. 
Now she's crawling. slowly, but still crawling.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I put my butt up in the air sometimes

Since last Sunday, Alexandra has been sitting up, and sticking her butt up in the air, as if trying to stand up. He's done it faster and faster. Which means she's very mobile around the room. It's time for us to put up baby gates. Is also time for us to start proofing the house. This morning, she managed to open a low drawer, and start pulling things out of it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

comidinhas e dentinhos

O abacate não fez sucesso na quinta-feira. Na sexta-feira de banana macho cadinho e ela amou. Ontem, sábado, ela fez seis meses. Dei uma sopinha de verdura batida em forma de papinha. Sucesso absoluto. E eu fiquei com medo que ela não gostasse porque não tinha sal. 

Infelizmente o cocô também já começou a mudar. Agora vai dar muito mais trabalho lavar as fraldas. O meu medo é que ela tenha prisão de ventre. Agora também estou dando suquinho de ameixa seca para evitar prisão de ventre. Ela gosta de suco de ameixa. Ela também ainda pede muito pelo leite materno.
 Estou preocupada que a produção de leite está muito menor. Acho que é por causa da gravidez. Mas a pediatra dela acha que é porque eu não estou conseguindo líquidos. Vou tentar consumir mais líquidos. Infelizmente suprimento que tem no freezer está quase acabando. Vamos ter que economizar com eles. E vou tirar o máximo que eu puder.
Outra coisa que ela tem feito nas últimas semanas, descer da cama engatinhando de costas. Logo se vê que essa criança não tem noção do perigo. Se não tiver alguém pra pegar, ela vai levar um tombaço. Mas ela não está nem aí.
Na quarta-feira Dean descobriu um Dentinho nascendo na parte de baixo da boca. Foi quando eu levei ela no trabalho dele pra os colegas do trabalho conhecerem. Graças a Deus, até agora ela não chorou nem teve febre. O Dentinho está nascendo é o da frente a parte de baixo do lado direito.
É meio nostálgico pensar que em breve não teremos mais aquele sorriso banguela.

Friday, April 22, 2016

hold her

Poor baby can only move backwards. It must be so frustrating. She tries to reach something and only gets farther from it. She ends up under couches and cribs and beds. Yesterday she tried to squirm her way out from under the couch and things went awry. Mom had to come to the rescue - with grandma watching everything on FaceTime. 
Two days ago she tried to go from sitting to crawling and couldn't unstuck her front leg. I wasn't planning on helping, bc I want to see her getting out of her troubles and working out her issues on her own. But the desperate little face looking at me was what did it. She had had it with trying. She just needed mom for a few minutes. I figured "you know what - she won't want me for too many years. I better enjoy it while I can."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Alexandra is really trying to move, but she only managed to move backwards. I think that frustrates her a bit. She keeps getting under things and can't get back out. 
Since Saturday she's been trying out new foods. Rice cereal to start. Monday we have her strawberries in a net. Yesterday she had them puréed. 
Monday I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink without the supporting flower in it. Bad idea. It's very slippery and I had to hold her all the time. 
Yesterday while fussing for milk she got her earring stuck on a pillow. Scary. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

sitting up et al

In the past couple of weeks Alexandra learned to keep her balance while sitting up. She still falls back sometimes, so it's good to keep her on soft surfaces.  Today 
In the past week she learned she can hold herself to prevent free fall, and push herded back up when she leans too far down. 
She takes EVERYTHING to her mouth. 
She now has her own iPhone.
She loves to make fart noises. 
I the past few days she decided to wake up at 3 to nurse. :-(

Friday, March 25, 2016

Alexandra before 5 months

At 4 months old Alexandra started giggling, double rolling. 
Just before she turned 5 mo she started to reach for toys. 
Also, she's been putting her bum up in the air as if trying to crawl. 
She hates being wet. Loves being diaperless.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Alexandra at 3 months

At exactly 3 months Alexandra turned from tummy to back. A couple of weeks later, at three and 1/2 months, she turned from back to tummy. Now she likes to sit. She pulls her body up in holds onto our hands. We have started letting her use the walker. We just added a whole bunch of blankets on her back.
She talks a lot. Seems like she believe she's actually communicating. I wonder if she understands that we use words, if she thinks we just communicate by random sounds, therefore she think she's really communicating.
She doesn't take up as much anymore. Choose to do it on a daily basis, several times a day. Now she can go for a week without hick ups.
She still has a lot of rashes on her body. I mean, not rashes. They're more like dry spots. She has a lot of dry spots.
People keep telling me that she looks like Dean. I'm still trying to figure out who she looks like. To me she just looks like a baby.
She sleeps through the night mostly. We usually put her to bed around 1030 between 1030 and midnight. She can sleep from then to anywhere between six and eight. In the morning that is.
We don't have much a routine for anything. I've been trying to be better about bathing her. Yeah. She has taken showers, baths in the sink, invests in the tub. I've been trying to bathe her or give her a shower at least once every other day. But things don't always happen the way I intend. I'm not really sure how any parent can keep any sort of routine. I don't deer to any parent movement but my own.  I'm not a follower of free demand or strict routine I can't have routines. I'm not a strict cloth diaper person or a strict disposable person. I just do what's convenient. I just do what works for us.

 I still don't know if I'm going to be a crappy parent.for now, I'm just having fun.
I'm having fun wondering why she makes all those funny noises and she looks like she's really talking. I'm having fun thinking about the fact that every single thing we do is just gonna be part of her past. I'm having fun watching her develop. I find it so amazing the baby comes out of mo i'm having fun wondering why she mean so those when you noises and she looks at us like she's really talking. I'm having fun thinking about the fact that every single thing we do it's just gonna be part of her past. I'm having fun watching her develop. I find it so amazing that a baby comes into this world knowing absolutely nothing other than sucking, in little by little they develop in the lane so many things each day, and eventually they become fully functioning adults, knowing so much about the world and being able to wonder about things I don't know. I'm having a lot of fun thinking about these things.
There's one thing I would really like to know, is what do babies thing right after they come out of their mother's tummy. Do they remember where they were? Do they understand where they are? Are they scared? Do they understand that they will never be able to go back to th that place ever again? Do they miss it? I would really like to be able to talk to a newborn baby, and understand what's in their minds.
Alexander's now making sounds with the back of her throat. No one taught her to do that. She just learned it. It's amazing no one teaches a baby how to speak. They learn it on their own. Just by observing people talk. Baby how to walk. No went to the baby how to sit. They just learn it. They do it just by observing other people doing it. And they figure they want to do it too.I mean, who taught Alexandra she should sit?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Alexandra's 2 -3 month updates

It was somewhere between 2 and 3 months old that Alexandra started grunting less and making more vowel noises. 
She also began to smile more intently and sometimes even a draft of laughter. 
She's now very fussy when it comes to nursing. She smiles and looks away a lot. 
But she's also drinking a lot more. 
She spits up like crazy, so I'm trying to limit her milk intake. And be good about burping her.