Sunday, July 24, 2016

A few things about baby Alexandra

HAt six mo she danced to music and really enjoyed when mommy played the guitar. She also pulled herself up. 
At 8 mo she moved herself more and more confidently from p o furniture to p o furniture. She doesn't mind falling, even the most epic falls. 
When she gets tired however, any little fall is a reason for a melt down. 
9 mo and she has tried a couple of steps on her own. 
She freaks out when she sees food and expects to be fed - immediately!
She's still a major flirt - has been since 3 mo. 
She loves to clap!
She also enjoys digging through her toy box. As a matter of fact she enjoys digging through everything, especially daddy's CDs. 
She finds any little microscopic object on the floor and immediately puts it in her mouth. 
She understands the commands "no" and "sit down" and for while now she recognizes the sign for milk. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dances To music and other little notes

At 8 mo Alexandra dances to any music but she gets especially excited by her favorite songs on TV. They are the song from little Einstein's, the theme song from NCIS, and theme song from my current favorite Novela,eta mundo bom.

She also likes to cuddle – well, sometimes. 

She's a social butterfly, for a good 4-5 months now she's been enchanting everybody with her beautiful full-fledged smiles. 

She thinks she can talk. Gone are the days in which she just moved about going dada, tata, or mama. Now she blabbers full sentences made up of what to us sound like absolutely random syllables. 

Walking and crawling

Alexandra has been walking by holding on to your arms or to objects for the past week. 
If she wants to follow in her dad's footsteps she's got exactly six days to start waking on her own. 
She's been crawling for a good three weeks or so though. She crawls fast. 


She just started waving this weekend. It's funny. Hard to tell if she's waving or asking you to come closer. A few weeks ago she started doing the same wrist motion holding objects up. She also used to hold her hand close to her chest and swing her wrist back and forth. This weekend she actually started waving at you. 


I already miss the toothless smile that only lasted till April 2016. 
At around mid April her front 2 bottom teeth broke through. Then in June the top front 2 came out. Now, mid July here comes another set of two. They're called lateral incisors and are right next to the top front ones. 
I remember when I met the boys of a friend of mine, his eldest son mentioned a wiggly tooth. My baby wasn't even 2 mo yet and I remember thinking, I'll blink and she'll have a full set and one of them will be wiggly as well. Well, the path to the full set is already being tread. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016


She's learning to wave. It's very cute. 
It's been a couple of weeks that she's been waving (sort of) at herself on the mirror. But only very recently sge has been copying Dean and also waving on her own. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Salmon and tacos

Saturday she tried homemade tacos. And yesterday at IKEA she had part of my salmon dinner.

Teeth. More teeth.

Looks like a fifth tooth is wanting to cut through. 
I think we noticed the third one about a month ago. Or by her 8th month birthday. 
The fourth at around 4th of July. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Up to no good

We were out gardening. Monitor was on. I thought monitor was to quiet. So I came inside. She was under your computer desk, eating paper. She had already broken my lamp, got down off the bed, turned light and fan on, and was then having a snack under your computer. God knows how much paper she's eaten today. All of this in absolute silence.

Suck, pee and poop

Since yesterday she's been working on the mama sounds like a pro. 
It's so amazing watching Alexandra develop. It's crazy to think when brought her home all she did was suck, pee and poop. 
I would never had thought it could be this much fun.
I'm enjoying every second of it. It just amazes me how curious she is. Are all babies like this? She touches everything. And everything she can grab goes in her mouth.