Sunday, July 24, 2016

A few things about baby Alexandra

HAt six mo she danced to music and really enjoyed when mommy played the guitar. She also pulled herself up. 
At 8 mo she moved herself more and more confidently from p o furniture to p o furniture. She doesn't mind falling, even the most epic falls. 
When she gets tired however, any little fall is a reason for a melt down. 
9 mo and she has tried a couple of steps on her own. 
She freaks out when she sees food and expects to be fed - immediately!
She's still a major flirt - has been since 3 mo. 
She loves to clap!
She also enjoys digging through her toy box. As a matter of fact she enjoys digging through everything, especially daddy's CDs. 
She finds any little microscopic object on the floor and immediately puts it in her mouth. 
She understands the commands "no" and "sit down" and for while now she recognizes the sign for milk. 

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