Monday, August 15, 2016

Kitty - cocó

Ela chama Kitty de Cocó

New horizons with walking

In the past couple of days Alexandra has learned to get up on her own, squat down to pick up something from the floor and get back up. 
Now all she wants to do is walk. 
Yesterday we took a trip to Plymouth. She had lobster and shrimp and all went well. We also bought a little turkey for Blobby II. 
Dean says she can now do real claps, which she enjoys very much. 
She can also see us in the car mirror, which makes for a less boring drive, but boring nonetheless. The trip to Plymouth was too long for her. How do we break this down into manageable parts?
It was supposed to be a day at the beach, but it wasn't. It was too hot and we did not find the beach. So Alexandra didn't get to try salty water. Maybe on Labor Day?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

From crawling to walking

So she crawled for about 2.5 months before she started cruising on 2 feet. Mid May to early August. 

Going shopping

She loves grabbing stuff while we go shopping. As long as that doesn't come with "buy this?" Followed by any kind of tantrum, I'm fine with it. 

Tongue, mirror and vacuum.

Her new thing is showing her tongue. She likes to do it in the mirror. She also likes to brush her teeth in the mirror. 
Btw, she has fallen asleep twice in my back while I vacuumed the house. Good lullaby song. 
Sometimes she's scared of it. 

Hand in potty

So Alexandra came with me to the bathroom. I read somewhere it helps to potty train of your child sees you using the potty, so I bring her in with me when I can. 
Well, she was more interested in the toilet than in my use of it. She wants to touch it (which is why I wash it often, but also keep the bathroom closed or gated).
So there she came. 
"Ooh!" Touch. 
 "Ooh!" Touch again. 
And me trying to keep her hands off of it. 
Eventually I had to get up and wipe myself. Alexandra wasted no time. 
"Ooh!" Hand in the toilet before I could say "no!"

Bunch of firsts

First Popsicle- August 4
Pooped in the potty - August 5 (accidentally)
Slept in own bed - August 6
Walking several steps (more than 5) without stopping- August 5
Turning around - August 10
Walking a couple of steps (2-3) - July 16 at 8 mo (a week short of 9 months)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The loft - August 2

Yesterday mom and I turned the loft into a play/study room for babies and mommy time. It's looks beautiful and incredibly easy to keep clean and tidy. 

August 2

Sunday Alexandra discovered herself in the mirror of the car. 
Sunday before that she started waving the right direction. 
Yesterday the little walker we bought her arrived. She was so excited!!! 
Yesterday I slapped her hand enough that she felt the hurt. Didn't like it. Me neither, but she was getting into dangerous stuff. 
Yesterday she bit me so hard I screamed and then she didn't want to pick the boob again. I felt really bad. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Waving and walking part 2

For two weeks now she's fixed her waving and loves waving at people. She has given full five steps on her own - with breaks.