Monday, August 15, 2016

New horizons with walking

In the past couple of days Alexandra has learned to get up on her own, squat down to pick up something from the floor and get back up. 
Now all she wants to do is walk. 
Yesterday we took a trip to Plymouth. She had lobster and shrimp and all went well. We also bought a little turkey for Blobby II. 
Dean says she can now do real claps, which she enjoys very much. 
She can also see us in the car mirror, which makes for a less boring drive, but boring nonetheless. The trip to Plymouth was too long for her. How do we break this down into manageable parts?
It was supposed to be a day at the beach, but it wasn't. It was too hot and we did not find the beach. So Alexandra didn't get to try salty water. Maybe on Labor Day?

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