Saturday, September 10, 2016

At 10 months

In the past two weeks Alexandra has done a lot! 
She has started to actually point at things instead of stretching her arm in the general direction of something. Dean will sure miss that little arm going towards the upstairs. 
She's still a huge flirt, smiling and waving at everyone, but has now developed the shy thing, running back to grab our legs when people try to approach her. 
She's gone into the water for the first time at her grandparents' house and had a blast. She was a natural from the very first second. She swallows water but is not afraid of going under. 
She's calling the kitty qua-qua. And she uses the word dadda, but not sure yet it's only for dad. 
She's getting bolder with her walk. Epic falls, but they don't bother her. She keeps going. 
First little steps came a week shy of 9 months, so technically she began walking at 8 months - with 2-3 steps at a time. 

She was sick for the first time at 6 months. It was a nasty rash, conjunctivitis, ear infection... High fever and vomiting. Scary. Poor baby.  

She's a little trooper. Yesterday we took her to the gran-Val scoop for the first time. She wanted nothing to do with the ice cream. She wanted to walk. When she came to a step - off the picnic area onto the mulch ground, she decided it was time to try going down. The fall was phenomenal. She just got up and kept on walking. 

I bought her a little baby leash. I know I always said that was dreadful thing, but I am too scared of child abduction. She's a pretty baby and I've seen scary videos on line. I want her to able to walk at the store, so she's on a leash for my peace of mind. 

She's also developing her very strong personality and has trouble not getting her way. She pulls my hand off the places I tell her not to get in. 

Dean and I are trying to get her to listen to no. Which led to the most heart breaking situation so far. Never have I felt so evil in my life as a mom. 

She took off the lid of the glass candy jar and we kept telling her "put it back". Well, she didn't know how to and just kept the lid pointed toward us until she began crying.