Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct 5, 2016

Two nights ago, Alexandra was quite miserable. She cried all night from midnight to 6 am when she finally fell asleep. We are guessing it's the two new bottom teeth cutting through. Last night she slept well, but today she was still annoyed during the day. 

She's such a sweet little thing. 

She's not very cuddly. If she is, something is wrong. She falls and bumps her head. So she cries for about 30 seconds while you hold her with all the TLC you can muster. Then she's all set. And she has no idea why you're still holding her. 

She's been getting better at dancing and following along with the clapping patterns of little Einsteins. 

Her dancing moves are more sophisticated. Also, expects you to repeat her moves. 

She has been pulling the shy girl thing now. She goes to people and smiles at them. But when they address her, she runs and hides under my legs. 

At church I never really know where she is. This Sunday she was around the big kids who were playing catch. It won't be long and she'll be running after them. 

And she likes to climb. She's climbed the hearth, the coffee table and as many stairs as she can find. 

She loves this game of teasing dad and running back to mom. 

She loves to walk, but still loses her balance. 

She's learning to listen to books. But we don't read enough. 

We bought a robot vacuum we call Rosie. She's scared of Rosie and does a tiny run to me when Rosie moves away. 

She's been getting a little better at feeding herself, but still makes more of a mess than actual eating. 

She's doing a lot of blabbering that sounds like talking. 

1 year old

Yup. She waves, she eats by herself - makes a huge mess unless we hand her the food - and just this week she started blowing kisses and asking for more in sign language. 

Just recently she had the worst rash ever, which is still bothering her. It was sad to see her trying to sit in the bathtub and crying in pain bc she couldn't handle it. 

I think it was my fault. I fed her some of my fruit salad which was swimming in orange and pineapple juice. 

She points at things she wants. She craves going out and she loves hanging out with her grandma. 

She's good with the sippy cup. And she now drinks cow's milk. 

Just before she turned a year old she fell headfirst on the stone fireplace and that was the scariest thing that happened to her so far. Her forehead turned purple and she cried bloody murder. Scarier than all the times she fell off the bed or couch before (about 4... Enough for her to learn to be careful ... I mean...)